ETLA Locksmiths offers locksmith services in Singapore. Customers get quality locksmith services from our company each time. We have worked with residential home owners and commercial buildings to secure their space and solve their lock problems.

Our locksmiths are licensed professionals and have ample training and experience as a locksmith to execute the right solutions. They also treat our clients with professionalism in every job so they won’t have any problem with dealing with them.

ETLA is dedicated to being a one-stop locksmith service company so that our Singaporean clients won’t be looking for other locksmith companies. We have the tools and equipment needed to perform every locksmith task needed to secure cars, homes, and establishments.

The installation team can get you secured quickly and they won’t shortchange you in the lock they will install because you are assured that they are strong and durable. Whether it’s a modern smart lock or a traditional deadbolt, our team will be able to install that securely so it can perform its function.

Customers can get information from our ETLALocksmiths website. This allows them to use our content as guides and the information we provide as an assurance that we delivery quality services all the time for any client.

Visit our site to get our contact numbers, email, and use the contact form to directly message our customer service. We have a customer service staff that’s always connected to relay the messages which is especially important during emergency situations.

53 Lor 6 Toa Payoh,
Singapore 310051
+65 6293 9762