The East Tennessee Locksmith Association was founded in 1988.

The purpose of this association shall be to promote and further the interests of the locksmith profession in East Tennessee and neighboring areas.

We pledge to unite our efforts and give moral, social, and public support to our fellow locksmiths, to exchange technical information, to render to brother members reasonable aid and assistance whenever called upon for such help, and to strive for the public respect for our vocation.

Consumer Protection

Beware of Phony locksmiths!

Phony locksmiths also known as “scammer” locksmiths, advertise as an “unlocking service”.  They do not post credentials such as a locksmith license.  Nor do they possess the skills of a true security professional.  These scammer companies are famous for quoting a low price on the phone and doubling or tripling the price after they have your keys in their hand.  Always ask a company advertising as a locksmith for their license number.  The license number can be verified here:

Tennessee Locksmith License Board

You can read the official Federal Trade Commission report about scammers HERE.