Six Locksmith Services Other Than Key Duplication

By Etla Tan / 07/01/2019

There are various services that locksmiths offer other than key duplication. You should be cognizant of all locksmith services. The expertise and experience of a locksmith are often demonstrated by the skill possessed and the variety of services that can be offered. A locksmith should be able to deal with both security equipment systems and locks. Here are 6 locksmith services other than key duplication that can be offered:

1. Automotive Locksmithing

Home security systems, as well as different locks, are what most locksmiths deal with on an everyday basis. They mostly work in homes. Automotive locksmithing, on the other hand, deals with vehicles. It involves security systems and automotive locks of vehicles. Automotive lockouts, car lock repairs, ignition lock rekeying and auto key duplication are some of the services that can be offered by a locksmith.

Locks for motorcycles also fall under automotive locksmithing. Automotive door problems can also be fixed by a locksmith. This comes in handy when you lose your car keys or when you can’t access your car.

2. Safe Locksmithing Services

The installation and repair of safes is another service that is offered by locksmiths. They are specialists in security safe services. A locksmith can help you with safe installation and repair be it at home or in your office. Safe opening can also be done in case you lose your keys.

The replacement of safe keys is also done by locksmiths. Locksmiths can install various types of safes including fireproof, floor, and safety deposit boxes. Safe locking systems such as a traditional key or a digital keypad can also be installed.

3. Access Control And Card Access

Advanced security systems can also be installed by locksmiths to help with the security of commercial and residential properties. The access control physical security is an example of such a security system. This system requires authorization to permit you to access an area.

Options on how you want to upgrade your security system can be provided by a locksmith. You can opt for biometrics, access cards, PINs or passwords to identify and verify individuals. Semi-intelligent readers, basic readers, biometrics, and PIN can be installed for users to feed in their information.

4. Locks And Deadbolts Services

Deadbolt keys are the foremost step to help prevent intruders. This is something your locksmith needs to tell you. A deadbolt contains a steel bolt that usually strikes the doorjamb’s plate. A locksmith should recommend that you install a double-cylinder deadbolt as compared to a standard single-cylinder deadbolt since it comes with extra protection.

Locksmith services can help you in the installation and repair of your deadbolts. Other lock services they can offer include desk locks, master key system, commercial locks, and cabinet locks.

5. Intercom Systems Servicing

Installing and repairing of intercom systems to guarantee uptight security for both residential and commercial properties is done by locksmiths. An intercom is an electrical device which enables either one-way or two-way communication. It is ideal within premises such as offices. A locksmith can perform the installation and repair of an audio intercom, wireless video, video, and audio installation.

6. Keyless Or Electronic Locks

Electronic or keyless entry systems can provide an extra security layer for rental and commercial properties. Video surveillance and access control systems can be used together with these locks. There is also an automotive remote version of this system. The installation and repair of locks and keypads, Bluetooth locks, keyless entry, lock programming, and Wi-Fi electronic locks are some of the services that can also be offered by a locksmith.

Apart from the duplication of keys, various other services can be offered by a locksmith. These services help to make sure that property and vehicle owners are well protected. The installation and repair of security systems can be done by locksmiths. This, in the long run, keeps out intruders.

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